What it means to be an entrepreneur

Lately I see a lot of people who buy into a company and then call themselves an entrepreneur. It seem that since Dragons Den and Shark Tank has come out, that now its a fad to portrayed as an entrepreneur, which is fantastic! I believe more people should be creating a life of their own, by venturing into business and making their own path. The problem is, that a lot of people have the idea of what an entrepreneur really is twisted. They forget that the people on that stage are the entrepreneurs.

More than ever, we have people diving into business. At the same time we have more businesses failing then ever! That can be impacted by our economy, a lack of experience, a lack of knowledge, and guidance, but more often than not I think it has to do with the lack of understanding about what an entrepreneur really is.

According to the online dictionary, called “Google” the definition of an entrepreneurship is…

a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

I believe this to be true, although, I don’t think it justifies the understanding of being an entrepreneur.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about the organization of a business or businesses, also in 2015 there are a few options that can lead to an entrepreneurship, and don’t have to be financially risky!

what it means to be an entrepreneurWhat it really means to be an entrepreneur!

Many people get into business to sell products or  a service to an audience,  where an entrepreneur will sell themselves to an audience. A typical business man will hide behind his product, pushing it into people’s faces. An entrepreneur realizes that their businesses are just tools of leverage.

I would like to use a fellow internet marketer named Mike as an example. You can check his Youtube channel out here: Six Pack Shortcuts

Mike teaches people about working out. That is it! He gives nothing but free value to people, because he knows that his business is in the relationship he has with his viewers. By giving out free value he builds a relationship of trust. People go to him for all kinds of questions, because they trust his judgment and they see him as a trusted adviser.

If you have not yet taken a look at Mike’s page you wouldn’t have noticed that he has over 3.3million followers. 3 million people who trust his advice! Now all Mike has to do is, explore what the business world has in store him.  Maybe he finds a protein powder that really helped him put on a few extra pounds of muscle in a short time, and now he wants to tell people about it. How many of his 3 million would need to buy from him to make him a million dollars? Well that I would be hard to figure out without the stats, but it would be a small fraction. He does not need to tell people, “this is what you should be buying!” All he needs to tell people is, “this is what I have been taking, and these are my results!” I guarantee that his two minutes of introducing his product he will make him money.

Do you know how much money it cost him to start his Youtube channel? “$0”
How much did it cost to get in as a direct seller. In most companies, probably in the “$100” Range.


I am sure that he has spent a pretty penny along the way. Was it worth it? You tell me!

Mike is the definition of an entrepreneur! He spent the time to build something of his own that he is passionate about. He took the time to put in work, learned how to brand himself, and how to build a relationship with millions of people. Now the sky is the limits for him!

Can you not imagine the how it feels to do something you enjoy everyday? To live without commuter traffic? To know that you can get as much out of life as you want?

Can you imagine it?


Now go do something that you love, and be an entrepreneur about it!

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Tony Stepanek

Anthony Stepanek

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